We design and deliver great products to support great brands.

Why we do it

Founded on the belief that good product design is critically important and frustrated that most products are poorly designed, we deliver inspired products for a purpose.



“The fundamental failure of most product design is its insistence on looking GOOD FOR LESS rather than being GREAT FOR MORE.

— Simon Fallows, Founding Partner


Associating the commercial with the charitable gives the product another dimension making its purchase more conscious and purposeful, benefiting the Brand, the Consumer, and the Cause.

The possibility

What if there was a way to deliver a quality product that represented the brand, had appeal to the end user, and a shelf life that could potentially last longer than the brand, plus:

— Aided in awareness not only at the point of sale but through many years of continuous use

— Eliminated any negative risk of a low quality product doing damage to your brand and reputation

— Provides a more purposeful and emotional response with the knowledge the purchase is making a social contribution (if applicable)