Everyday Design Strategy


Elevate The Everyday.


Far too often a great brand will take a product and slap a logo on it and hope it raises awareness and revenue.


Rather than develop our own brand, we believe adopting a private labelled strategy will assist organizations with their brand strategy and put a product in peoples hands that will be used many times over the course of a year — for generations.

A multi-tool screwdriver, sold using your network of dealers and/or advocates, as well as other online channels, will drive purposeful change when aligned with your brand, or aligned with a charity for a great cause.

We believe that a variety of screwdrivers and tools can be introduced to the market considering the user experience under a private label strategy across multiple market segments and Brands.


It's our desire to re-invent the screwdriver. We envision a screwdriver, followed up by other inspired tools designed for the working woman and man who appreciate great design and flawless function. Inspired designs considering the Personality and the Place where a multi-tool screwdriver should be appealing, effective, and accessible. 

In the studio of our designer  Joseph Hofer

In the studio of our designer Joseph Hofer

Just as designers have reinvented chairs over and over for hundreds of years to fit context, social status, and personality; screwdrivers tend to be a similar design exercise.

As cost cutting measures have reduced the tool to a throw-away object, we are reminded and inspired by tools handed down by our parents and grandparents. We strive to create products that we hope one day will be called “timeless”. Our goal is to produce a tool that will be cherished, and passed on — inspiring future generations to be generous to the causes that exist in their day. 

E1 Multi 8 Screwdriver by Grappleworks™

E1 Multi 8 Screwdriver by Grappleworks™


The Everyday Design Strategy.



Every touchpoint a user has with your brand either builds or erodes their trust.

Rather than offering a product that will end up in a landfill, provide a premium product for everyday use that reinforces your brand values each time it’s picked up.



Often products we use everyday fail us on many levels. By putting ourselves in your
customer’s shoes, we reinterpret what an everyday product can be and elevate it through function, elegance, and materiality.

Collaborating with our partners is key throughout this process.


We don’t settle for the way things are, but rather strive towards what they could be.

This thinking drives our innovation strategy and the intellectual property we utilize in our products — ultimately simplifying and enhancing the user experience.

E1 Multi 8 Screwdriver Study.


Soft, geometric forms provide improved user ergonomics
and clean design. Clean surfaces showcase partner branding. Modern aesthetics with honest materiality.

E1 Multi 8 Screwdriver by Grappleworks™

E1 Multi 8 Screwdriver by Grappleworks™

The E1 Multi 8 screwdriver is an example of the approach we are taking to everyday products, adopting an unconventional viewpoint and distilling the object down to its essentials while allowing the design to be informed by what remains. 

As a base concept design, it can be refined to best suit your brand values expressed through materials, colour, and high-quality branding application.