An Unconventional Cause Campaign.


Using products to connect to a cause has been difficult.

Far too often a great cause will use a product and slap a logo on it with the hope it will raise awareness and result in current and future funding. 

We have found that the product usually doesn't match the quality of the brand or cause and ends up being given away or thrown in the trash. The “stuff” that we have received as a gift or in return for a donation over the years is disappointing. 

Your organization is continuously tasked with creating the next big campaign to build awareness and raise funds in support of your cause. The Grappleworks mission is to create innovative products that are well-designed, brilliantly marketed, and preferably linked to a charitable cause. 

A charitable cause will gain market and mind-share by offering a premium and compelling product, removing guilt from the donation process, and the shame of providing a gift in return that is of no value to the donor.


What if you could impact your organization's fundraising scope by millions of dollars in one campaign?


What if there was a way to deliver a premium product that —

— Represented your true brand values of quality

— Appealed to the end-user in their context

— Potentially out-lived your brand?

What if this premium, cause-branded product could —

— Directly align with your cause, elevate awareness, and increase resulting contributions?

— Maintain the highest possible contribution to your organization’s cause?

— Provide something of exceptional quality and value to your donors in return for their donation or contribution?

— Eliminate the risk of low quality products negatively impacting your organization’s brand


We don’t sell screwdrivers. We drive change.

— Jeff MacIntyre, Founding Partner


By aligning your organization’s brand with the world’s best screwdriver, we provide your cause with a multimillion dollar fundraising solution, ultimately enabling greater change and enhancing more lives. Your donors receive a world-class tool that is an everyday household item—a screwdriver by you that offers functionality, durability and custom design — all in alignment with your organization’s brand.