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Partnering with socially-conscious brands and charities, we drive change through various cause marketing programs. Click to see the Screw Cancer™ Brand of Products.

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“The fundamental failure of most product design is its insistence on looking GOOD FOR LESS rather than being GREAT FOR MORE.

— Simon Fallows, Founding Partner


An Unconventional Approach.


Cancer Affects All Of Us.

Stories of those like Cheryl, Mandy, George, and Jenn are what compel us to design great products that support greater causes.

Watch the Screw Cancer™ film below and you'll understand what drives us.


Screw Cancer™ Campaign Video — 2:29 mins

The Everyday Design Strategy.



Every touchpoint a user has with your brand either builds or erodes their trust.

Rather than offering a product that will end up in a landfill, provide a premium product for everyday use that reinforces your brand values each time it’s picked up.



Often products we use everyday fail us on many levels. By putting ourselves in your
customer’s shoes, we reinterpret what an everyday product can be and elevate it through function, elegance, and materiality.

Collaborating with our partners is key throughout this process.


We don’t settle for the way things are, but rather strive towards what they could be.

This thinking drives our innovation strategy and the intellectual property we utilize in our products — ultimately simplifying and enhancing the user experience.


The Founders.

Every solution begins with a challenge.

Every success story is driven by passion.

The challenge for founding partners Simon Fallows and Jeff MacIntyre was simple: how could they design products people use while making a difference at the same time?

The real challenge lay in finding a way to do it large scale.