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Every solution begins with a challenge.

Every success story is driven by passion.

The challenge for Simon Fallows and Jeff MacIntyre was simple: how could they help more people and make a difference at the same time? The real challenge lay in finding a way to do it large scale. 

It wasn’t rocket science, but it was quietly brilliant. The two paired their professional backgrounds in both world-class engineered products and cause marketing together in a way that would change the way people purchase and relate to products they purchase. 

They asked the question, “How many products do you still have—or use—that you received as gift?” Realizing so many low-end products were being injected into society and destined for landfill, they recognized even greater disconnects: world-class brands were being diminished by applying their logos on poorly made products and traditional “trinkets and trash”. 

Enter the screwdriver

 Jeff and Simon recognized the potential to take an everyday tool, the screw driver and re-imagine its place in the home. An essential tool in the kitchen aligned with unforgettable cause marketing campaigns. A premium-designed tool for everyone and every household around the World, enabling people to make purpose-driven purchases. 


We don’t sell screwdrivers. We inspire change.

— Jeff MacIntyre, Founding Partner


With a scope far greater than a product-driven company, they launched Grappleworks, partnering with charities to develop and fulfill large scale cause marketing campaigns. Allowing Grappleworks to work behind the scenes is a true reflection of both Simon and Jeff — a combination of hard work, passion, executing on deliverables and quietly helping others without looking for the glory. 


Personal Profiles.


Photography by  Joseph Hofer

Photography by Joseph Hofer

Simon Fallows 

Founding Partner, Big Picture Thinker, Adventurer

Simon is a passionate champion seeking to disrupt traditional marketing approaches while helping more people on a global scale. 

A big picture strategist and visionary leader, Simon’s previous hats include CEO, engineer, inventor, marketer and business developer. With a strong business acumen, passion radiating from his core and a playful kid at heart, Simon approaches life and business with a different world view, inspiring change while applying fresh insights to execute on multidimensional projects and challenges.

Describe what you do all day at work in one sentence.

I take big concepts and strategies and execute them, making them tangible.


You’ve spoken about making a difference and helping others, what is the ultimate change you want to make in the world?

I want to take my skills and abilities and make a difference, creating change. I aim to leave a legacy, designing products that will out live me and improve the lives of others.

What’s your favourite place in the world?

I don’t have any one favourite destination; I want to see more of the world! I enjoy travel, I see life as a grand adventure…climbing mountains (on a snowmobile), sky diving, discovering hidden jewels in the world, with my wife, family and friends beside me.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Over indulging in great international food, finished with Chocolate — don’t judge.



Photography by    Joseph Hofer

Photography by Joseph Hofer

Jeff MacIntyre

Founding Partner, Chief Connector, Community Advocate

A connector with a passion to build community and enable others, Jeff’s strategic leadership facilitates meaningful partnerships with the ultimate goal of generating positive social and economic impact.

An industry mentor with over twenty years of management, business development and mentorship experience, it’s Jeff’s passion for life and disarming sense of humour that truly define his approach to life and business. Nominated for awards but not letting his name stand, being professional without ever wearing a tie, and seeing the big picture while living life spontaneously, show but a small picture of Jeff’s big personality.

Describe what you do all day at work in one sentence.

I juggle.


What would you like people to remember most about you?

That I cared about them. And that I helped people put things in perspective. You could say I’m a hard knocks counsellor. It’s all about identifying, owning and staying with the truth. 

Have you ever done anything that scared you?

The scariest thing I’ve ever done is begin a twenty-six-hour road trip with Simon in the car. (Insert Jeff and Simon laughing) There was a dare involving undigested brisket and half a duck…don’t ask.

You’ve mentioned you love to travel. Do you have any travel rituals?

I pack seconds before I leave, and most of it involves shorts. I don’t go anywhere on vacation where I can’t wear shorts.

Do you have any bad habits?


Any guilty pleasures?



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